Web Performance

Engineers must always take care of the performance. Users, of course, take care of the speed and there are many studies that show a clear correlation between site performance and business metrics. Speed ​​is one of the main components of the user experience, and it affects everything from bounce rates SEO and all the way to conversion and revenue. As your site is doing in terms of the speed of the page?

Google has made a lot lately to make the web faster. I really like Steve Souders approach and focus on of FeO, or front-end optimization, as it seems to be the biggest performance bottleneck for modern websites. Steve has also created HTTPArchive, which crawls and collects hundreds of thousands of popular Web sites on the Internet and provides interesting trends. This data is open source, and you can even make requests to a set of data on the Internet using Google BigQuery. BigQueri.es large collection of some of these queries, which can give great insight into the current collective perspectives on how websites are built. Many of them come from Ilya Grigorik which also includes some really great information about network latency and optimize on your blog.