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  • Keywords help visitors and potential clients to understand the purpose of your page. When reading the content of the page, the visitor will often scan the keywords they are looking for.
  • Categories help search engines understand the purpose of your page. When a search engine crawls the website pages for indexing them to analyze the keywords on the page to define the purpose of your site.

Meta Tags

Meta tags are snippets of text that describe the content of the page; Meta tags are not displayed on the page itself, but only in the page code. We all know the tags from the culture blog, and Meta tags are more or less the same, little content descriptors that help tell the search engines that your web page.

  • Meta Keywords Attribute - A series of keywords you deem relevant to the page in question.
  • Title Tag - This is the text you'll see at the top of your browser. Search engines view this text as the "title" of your page.
  • Meta Description Attribute - A brief description of the page.
  • Meta Robots Attribute - An indication to search engine crawlers (robots or "bots") as to what they should do with the page.

msapplication-task name=Registriere dich für einen kostenlosen Blog;;icon-uri=s://
msapplication-task Support;;icon-uri=s://
msapplication-task name= Forum;;icon-uri=s://
description Hallöchen! Ich schreibe Beiträge zuganz verschiedenen Themen, wie zB eine Kolumne, über Beauty und Reisen.
og:description Hallöchen! Ich schreibe Beiträge zuganz verschiedenen Themen, wie zB eine Kolumne, über Beauty und Reisen.
msapplication-task name=Abonnieren;action-uri=s://;icon-uri=s://
msapplication-window width=device-width;height=device-height
viewport width=device-width, initial-scale=1
og:image s://
title Josie Jolie bei
og:url s://
twitter:site @wordpressdotcom
og:title Josie Jolie
og:site_name Josie Jolie
application-name Josie Jolie
theme-color #f8f8f8
og:type website
og:locale de_DE
msapplication-tooltip n/a

HTTP Header

HTTP headers are used to accurately describe the resource, or sent the server or the client's behavior. Custom proprietary headers can be added with the prefix 'X-'; others are listed in the IANA registry. IANA also maintains a register of the proposed new HTTP message headers.

HTTP header fields are the components of the header section of the request messages and response hypertext transfer protocol. They determine the operating parameters of the HTTP transaction.

Connection: keep-alive
X-ac: 3.ord _dca
Content-Length: 178
Content-Type: text/html
Date: Tue, 11 Oct 2016 14:59:04 GMT
Server: nginx

Server Signature: nginx
Page Type: text/html
Content Type: n/a

Important Html Elements

  • HTML elements are written with an initial tag with an end tag, with content between:
  • The HTML element is everything from the start tag to the end tag:
    <p>My first HTML paragraph.</p>

HTML element is determined by the initial label. If the element contains other content, it ends with the closing, where the element name is preceded by a slash, as shown below, with a few tags.

The most important HTML elements of this website listed below:

h2 "Träume dein Leben und lebe diesen Traum!"
h1 Lifeupdate #1 Wie wohne/ wohnte&nbsp;ich?
h1 Meine Migräne und ihre&nbsp;Auswirkungen
h1 Davor habe ich&nbsp;Angst&#8230;
h1 30 Fakten über&nbsp;mich
h1 Blog per E-Mail folgen
h1 Herbst -Inspirationen
h2 Beitrags-Navigation
h1 Herbstlich ins Büro
h1 Aktuelle Beirräge
h1 Lifeupdate #2
h1 Josie Jolie
h4 Josie Jolie
h1 Kategorien

Internal links are links that go from one page on a domain to another page on the same domain. They are usually used in the main navigation.

These links are useful for three reasons:

  • These links allow users to navigate the site.
  • They help to create a hierarchy of information to this site.
  • They help spread the juice of links (ranking power) around the sites.

Lifeupdate #2 s://
Persönlich s://
Lifestyle s://
Fashion s://
Beauty s://
Reisen s://
Wunschliste s://
über mich s://
Josie Jolie s://

Ip Information

Internet Protocol address (IP address) is a numerical label assigned to each device (e.g., computer, printer) participating in a computer network using a communication protocol for the Internet. IP-address serves two basic functions: identifying a host or network interface, and determining the address location.

  • Dynamic IP-addresses are temporary and assigned each time a computer accesses the Internet.
  • Static the IP-address is generally preferred for applications such as VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), online games or any other applications where users need to make it easy for other computers to find and connect to them.

Ip Address:
Country: United States
Status: OK
Region: California
City: San Francisco
Zip: 94110
Latitude: 37.7484
Timezone: -07:00

Alexa Ranking

The algorithm according to which Alexa Traffic ranking is calculated simply. It is based on the amount of traffic recorded from users that have the Alexa toolbar installed within three months. This traffic is based on such parameters as reach and page views.

  • Alexa Traffic can be used as a competitive intelligence tool, but you must take into account the fact that his audience sample size is too small; Just enter your competitor's site in the section "Comparison sites" and measure the results of your web marketing efforts in comparison with your competitors.
  • In contrast to PageRank from Google, the smaller the number of rating, the better.
  • This helps webmasters and advertisers see the true marketing potential of your website. The better your Alexa rank, the more they will be willing to bid to buy advertising space on your website.
  • Personal pages or blogs are taken into account, and ranked in the same manner as regular sites. They even get a distinctive mark
  • Given that Alexa ranking offers you information on your website is a good tool to have in mind search engine optimization.

Global Rank: 14,567,522
Country Rank: 0

Global Rank: 14,567,522
Country Rank: 0
Reach Rank: 13,268,288
Rank Delta: n/a

Alexa Traffic Graph

Alexa traffic rank is based on three months of aggregated historical traffic data from millions of Alexa Toolbar users and is a combined measure of page views and users (REACH). As a first step, Alexa computes the reach and number of page views for all sites on the Internet on a daily basis. The main Alexa traffic rank is based on the geometric mean of these two quantities averaged over time (so that the rank of a site reflects both the number of users who visit this site, as well as the number of pages on the site viewed by those users).'s the last 5 months Alexa Traffic Graph:

Alexa Graph Image

Page Load Time

We built this module Page Load Test, to help you analyze your download speed of web sites and learn how to make them faster. It allows you to determine what a webpage is very fast, slow, too big, what is the best practice you do not follow, and so on.

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